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Annual Performance Report SY22 (2021-2022)


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As a national leader in correctional education, Windham School District is dedicated to rebuilding lives, families and communities through high-quality educational programs. Established in 1969, Windham provides students within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice opportunities to participate in literacy, high school equivalency and high school diploma programs, career and technical education training and life skills courses supporting preparation for a successful reentry into our Texas communities.

The district continuously monitors industry needs, confirming the availability of high-demand training programs for students. During the 2021-2022 school year, Windham continued to provide students with guidance on how to identify and resolve potential conflicts and appropriate interactions with customers, co-workers and employers, preparing graduates for successful careers. The district piloted a career pathways initiative with a focus on students’ short and long-term goals.

By providing robust and innovative program opportunities, Windham prepares students to be contributing members of their communities through education and training. This preparation is supported by establishing and maintaining productive partnerships with Texas businesses, associations, agencies and entities offering support and expertise to Windham students and graduates.

Cross-sector partnerships with state agencies and employers serve to achieve shared objectives. Windham partners with reputable employers to transition program participants and graduates into gainful employment while concurrently filling high-demand industry shortages. In addition, the district prepares students for postsecondary education through dual enrollment and upcoming prior learning agreements with colleges to earn Windham credit and college credit, simultaneously.

Through the robust programs offered by Windham, collaborative partnerships, and student-centered instruction, graduates demonstrate the education and employability skills necessary to fulfill personal, educational and professional success.


Kristina J. Hartman, Ed.S.
Superintendent, Windham School District


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