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Imagine EMPOWERING your students and transforming their lives through education.
Imagine TEACHING your students the life skills and vocational skills they need to suceed.
Imagine BETTERING the lives of your students and subsequently their families and their communities.
Imagine WORKING for Windham School District (WSD).

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Who are we?

WSD provides academic, career and technical education, and life skills programs to eligible individuals within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). We serve a unique population of incarcerated individuals who were unable to complete their basic education in the past and others who need technical training and soft skills to better equip them for the future. We strive to prepare students with the necessary education and skills to successfully reenter the workforce within their communities.

Where are we located?

WSD has 86 campuses across Texas located within TDCJ facilities, as well as, an administration complex located in Huntsville, Texas.

Why is WSD a great place to work?

  • Make a difference. Most WSD students have limited prior academic success. Each educational accomplishment empowers students to transition their lives into success stories.
  • Reduce recidivism. WSD programs provide students the necessary skills to become productive members of society, reducing recidivism.
  • Teach through your experience. In addition to academic courses, WSD teaches Career and Technical Education (CTE) and life skills programs. We need experts to share their knowledge with our students and prepare them for the workforce.
  • Earn a teaching certificate. If you have 5+ years in your field, we can help you earn a WSD teaching certificate so you can pass along your knowledge and create success stories with our students.
  • Receive competitive pay. WSD offers our educators and staff competitive pay.
  • Get paid time off. Enjoy district, state, and federal holidays, as well as, personal and sick leave.
  • Employee Medical Benefits Covered 100%. ERS medical insurance premiums for the employee are covered 100% by the district.   
  • TRS Retirement
  • Locations across Texas. We are located in different cities across Texas.

Who are our students?

Most students entering WSD academic programs have the following characteristics:

  • Dropped out of school in 9th or 10th grade
  • Functions at a 6th grade level
  • Exhibits impulsive behavior
  • History of academic challenges
  • In need of skills training

That’s why our students need your help.

They need YOU to help learn basic adult education.
They need YOU to help learn skills to gain employment.
They need YOU to help learn how to change their behavior.
They need YOU to help them become better parents, children, siblings, friends, neighbors, and employees.

Join WSD and YOU can help make a difference.

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