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Annual Performance Report SY21 (2020-2021)

Annual Performance Report SY21 (2020-2021)


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Founded in 1969, Windham School District (WSD) pioneered the way for correctional education in Texas following the state legislature's establishment of the district to serve individuals incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). More than 50 years later, WSD is still devoted to restoring lives, families and communities through education. Through innovative programming and partnerships, the district is leading the charge of correctional education in both the state and the country. By providing students with academic education, technical training and soft skills, we strive to show students the power of learning so they can reach their full potential and become positive contributors in society.

WSD is committed to providing students with educational pathways that lead to fulfilling careers in our Texas communities. The district identifies high-demand industries and launches new programs to fill workforce gaps, contributing to the success of the industries and boosting the Texas economy. This year, Windham established the first Recreational Vehicle Service Technician and Cosmetology correctional programs in Texas, both of which are among the fastest growing industries in the country. By training students in these growing fields, WSD is preparing students to reenter the workforce, increasing their employability and improving their ability to provide for themselves and their family.

The district reached new milestones in supporting specialized populations including youthful learners, parents and restrictive housing residents. Programs such as family literacy and the district's high schools provide these underserved populations with the opportunities to change their future through education. These unique programs provide specialty instruction directly geared toward serving these students and propelling them to success.
Windham continues to nurture and expand partnerships with employers and state agencies. Through these collaborations, relationships and processes are established to increase educational, restoration and employment opportunities for students. These unprecedented agreements allow the district to develop pipelines to assist students from education to employment.

It is through these innovative services the district is able to empower students and transform lives through education. By spearheading new opportunities and evolving existing programs, the district provides students with high-quality education that will better their future and inspire students to achieve their educational, professional and personal goals.


Kristina J. Hartman, Ed.S.
Superintendent, Windham School District


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